Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Life Drawing, Posemaniacs and a dog =)

Update on figure drawing. We went life drawing lst monday again, sadly just for one hour but it was good fun and I learned a thing or two. And I really liked the model. It was her first time posing ever and she did a good job. Today we will go there again, really looking forward to it.

Also used posemaniacs again for practise. Aimed for half an hour every morning. As you can see I failed that goal, but at least I am getting used to waking up early to work on personal stuff and reduced the time from 1 minute to 30 seconds. 
A little something I did for my grandmothers birthday. It is a painting of her dog Malvine who died last year of old age. The plaque says "I stopped living but i have lived". Hope I translated that somewhat right. The dog was rescued by an organisation from eastern Europe when it was about 2 years old and had a happy life with my grandparents. 
The painting was fun but I had to rush it. I could have spent a lot more hours on it. But for my first dog painting its quite alright I guess ;) 

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