Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Life Drawing

Yesterday me and a friend went life drawing. I thought about if I should post what I drew since it's not that great... We havne't been doing it for over one year and it was my first male model. I decided to post it anyway cause I hope to get some feedback and for messuring my progress. There will be life drawing every week for the next 4 weeks (and probably after that as well. I do things for 4 weeks often cause its a goal I can reach. After that I do it for another 4 weeks. Works well for me)

And I got up early today and sketched for about half an hour using posemaniacs pics. Was good fun!
Bobby Chiu says in one of his youtube videos that his drawings throughout the day get better if he sketches first thing in the morning. I expierence today that EVERYTHING is going better, my mood is better as well since I already achieved something which affects everyone around me. I will try to do that regularly now. I can't thank Bobby enough for getting me back on the right track...

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